Countries where Valentines Day is not celebrated

Countries where Valentines Day is not celebrated

Countries that do not celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’
One of the countries that are prohibited from celebrating the day of love is Saudi Arabia, where the religious authorities persecute and condemn any act or celebration that has to do with Valentine’s Day. In turn, you can not trade with the sale of balloons of red hearts, chocolates, flowers and more. and nothing to sell or buy flowers to offer to our partners.

As its own religion indicates, it is “a pagan Christian festival” that Muslims should not celebrate. Another country that lives something similar, is the case of Lebanon, Beirut, and Iraq, where little by little the windows have been adopting that red color of the exaltation of love on this Valentine’s Day.

Dubai or Abu Dhabi, in their eagerness to eradicate that tradition of Valentine’s Day, each year they manage to hang the “complete” poster in many of its most well-known and prestigious hotels and restaurants. In addition, its great impact has even created the so-called Anti-Valentine Day in which, unlike Saudi Arabia, parties are organized especially for singles and couples or couples who prefer to celebrate it in a somewhat special way. Thus, we see that despite belonging to the same religion, the differences at the time of facing this Valentine’s Day are obvious to everyone.

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