All for One and One for All: This is How Coworking Works

All for One and One for All: This is How Coworking Works

Coworkers on a business meeting

The meeting of forces in the entrepreneurial world has a name: coworking.

Collaborative work is a concept that emerges from the practices of entrepreneurs and freelancers to generate a multidisciplinary team to carry out various projects. The space where this meeting takes place is called coworking. 

Advantages such as having a space in which you can carry out work meetings, or a place where it will be much easier to locate the people who could help you with your expertise for a specific proposal or work, have made this modality one of the fastest growing in the world of offices. 

“Before the entrepreneur stayed at home, he saw what to do and absorbed important expenses. With coworking you have a team of ten people who help you, help you get the tools and you are surrounded by an environment full of energy “, says Carol Pérez, Public Relations Director of WeWork Latin America, one of the international giants of the sector. 

The architecture that reigns in the coworkings is thought in flexible headquarters, able to offer from open spaces to meeting rooms and private offices. Everything depends on the intention of each entrepreneur. 

“You have to evaluate as people and as a company what your goal is, where you feel comfortable and in what type of environment you work best: there are people looking for quiet spaces and others who need dynamism and a lot of life around,” says Pérez. 

Likewise, budgets tend to be very variable, as well as the modalities of rents and programs within. 

Another aspect to take into account when choosing a coworking could be the location of it. The closer you are to the most recurrent points of operations (where customers are located that are visited more often or where there is greater ease to meet various commitments), it will be better for the entrepreneur. 

The specialist lists some points that make coworking a valuable option for entrepreneurs, freelancers and entrepreneurs. 

“When the entrepreneur starts, he usually feels lonely, he is one against the world,” says Pérez. “But if you’re surrounded by people pursuing similar projects, this raises a lot of enthusiasm.” 

A good coworking must provide not only a good system of connections (networking), but also support in the infrastructure, flexibility of schedules and services that make the stay comfortable. 

It is recommended a coworking where, in addition to the facilities to work and the points already mentioned, also have a program of events, talks and actions that lead the entrepreneur to improve personally and professionally. 

The conventional offices, the uncomfortable cubicles and the closed offices have gone out of fashion. “We have a research team that measures the impacts of space on people: how the place helps inspiration, from distribution to colors,” explains the specialist. 

It removes important loads from above, from having a good Internet connection to having a good space to invite a client, a prospect or a member to a meeting. “Coworking makes it very easy to concentrate on what is really important, which is to grow your business,” the board concludes.


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