How to Promote Retention and Customer Loyalty?

In today’s competitive world companies need to use many different strategies to deliver good service to their loyal customers, and to attract new customers. The emergence of multifaceted services opened new doors to creative tactics in the fields of customer service and marketing; at the same time, it introduced the modern challenge of maintaining a good brand image through new methods of communication with the client. With the necessary foresight, companies can retain their customers, inspire brand loyalty, and attract new people.

Be punctual and timely

Customers want to feel valued as individuals, not to be treated as just another number. This is especially true in high-stress situations, where customer service becomes a necessity. For this reason, companies should strive to personalize the experience of their customer service in as many ways as possible. This can range from agents calling customers by name (regardless of the communication channel) to a customized company website for making a purchase (including: wish lists, shopping baskets, menus, detailed search settings, and preference settings). It is also important to respond timely to customer inquiries, keeping the customer updated on deliveries and any pertinent information. Customers like to be informed; many studies have shown how much they appreciate human contact.

Offer loyalty programs, rewards for referrals, and gestures of good will

In addition to expressing gratitude at the end of each interaction, a highly effective way to show appreciation is to reward customers for their loyalty.  It is also important to make goodwill gestures when customers show dissatisfaction with a situation, such as late delivery or a technical problem that is taking too long to be resolved.

Always be proactive

Companies should not only please customers in stressful situations, they should also prevent problems from occurring. In this sense, “always be proactive” means to be a few steps ahead of customers and to evaluate the potential drawbacks even before they appear.

Use marketing campaigns focused on the needs of its customers

One of the great benefits of a multifaceted approach is the ability to reach a vast audience – which is vital for effective marketing campaigns. The first thing to ensure is that you are making use of the preferred channels for your customers. Using analysis tools can be helpful to determine which channels are most conducive to contact customers. Once they have been determined, ensure that the products offered are focused on the needs of your customers by reviewing their purchase history with your company. Finally, find the time to contact your customers with offers, so that the image of your brand stays in their thoughts – but without overloading them with much information.

Give your customers a pleasant experience

In short, customers will return if they have a great experience; do everything possible to make that happen. Offer a nice multifaceted experience, be friendly and empathetic, and provide important information even before customers request it.  Make sure the company website is compatible with mobile devices, and that it has an intuitive and attractive design. Going the extra mile to keep its customers satisfied will bring a company great rewards.