5 Call Center Ideas You Never Thought of

5-Call-Center-Ideas-You-Never-Thought-ofThe standard impression of a call center workplace is quite negative. Professionals might describe it as dull, boring, and monotonous. But the truth is there are ways we can make the contact center a fun and lively place to be! Sometimes a quick change is an easy way to increase motivation and productivity throughout your organization. Are you ready to take on some new ideas?

Here are 5 fresh concepts to inspire the spirit of your contact center.

1. Suggestion Box

Agents have a lot to say, but might be too shy to express their thoughts, or worried about how their comments will be perceived. A suggestion box is an easy way for call center agents to voice their concerns; anonymous notes will encourage a candid submission. Be sure to conduct a monthly team meeting to discuss which suggestions should be implemented.

2. Rotating Roles

Call center employees who are trained to handle multiple roles are less likely to experience apathy. Furthermore, job rotation can be a key retention strategy if your employees grow beyond their current duties. This idea also enables all team members to feel empowered and helps to build team confidence. Agent engagement is key to improving workplace morale, and this is sure to get them there.

3. Smile, Smile, Smile

Sometimes agents really need to focus on having a positive outlook, especially on days when they’re dealing with irate callers. Rather than just telling agents how to act, why not implement a way to encourage them to smile? Print out oversized pictures with funny animals and have each agent place them at their desk. They can pick a picture that resonates with them and at times when they need to a little friendly encouragement they’ll have a silly animal to turn to.

4. Automated Call-Backs

I’m sure you already know that call-backs are a great solution for eliminating hold-time and reducing abandon rates, but did you consider the positive effect it has on employee morale? The dreaded spike in call volume and long hold-times means a frustrated customer – and all of this pressure lands on the agent’s lap. The alternative solution is better and agents love the call-back option. Calls are shorter and more pleasant when every conversation can start on a positive note. It’s also a great way to meet service levels.

5. Sportsmanship

Offsite team building is a great way to connect with colleagues and leave the intensity of the call center behind. Encourage sportsmanship by starting a team for a variety of sports that workers at all levels can join. This also connects senior leadership with front-line staff in a new and fun way. Who knows what you might learn about your call center that you never knew before!